Business Loans

Why do you provide business loans?

As outlined in our promotional video, what if there was no shift in the way we do business? What if there was nothing new brought to market? What if there were no dreamers, visionaries or entrepreneurs?  If nobody asked "what if", what  a boring world it would be. We are Community Futures Strathcona, an organization that provides affordable and flexible financing to help you start, expand or buy a small business.

If you're willing to ask "what if?", we may well ask you "why not?" Not only because we believe small businesses are a vital job creator for our local economy but also due to the fact that obtaining financing has never been easy - the smaller the business, the bigger the challenge, especially when starting from scratch.

We understand these challenges and we have the flexibility to help you obtain a financing solution that meets your needs.  

It's time to apply! Simply complete the loan application below and submit with your business plan. Don't have a business plan, click here.

Am I eligible?

To apply you must be unable to obtain all or a portion of the required financing from a bank or credit union and locate the business within the Comox Valley or Strathcona Regional District.