Expand a Business

For the past three years you’ve happily dedicated yourself to your business and now you're in a position to be rewarded for all of your effort. You approach the bank with your financial statements and explain your exciting new plans for future growth.

But the banks won't lend to you because historical cash flow does not support the addition of new debt. Wait…..What? This is the break I've been waiting for and now I'm told I can't grow because of what happened a year ago - this doesn't make any sense?

Not to worry. A bank is more likely to lend to a business with historically strong cash flow capable of satisfying new monthly debt payments.  Of course you will say "but that is why I need the loan - to grow my business and improve cash flow". The banks understand this but are limited to historical and existing information because there are too many unknowns with anticipated projections; however, they are supportive of entrepreneurial activity and will refer you to Community Futures Strathcona.

We have over 30 years of experience finding financing solutions for small businesses looking to expand. Think of it like driving a car. Not only do we look in the rear view mirror but out the front window as well. We take into consideration the historical statements but we will also look at your projections to determine the viability of adding new debt and the improvements proposed.

If you're planning to expand a small business in the Comox Valley or Strathcona Regional District and you're unable to obtain financing from a bank or credit union please fill out the loan application below or call us today! We can help with your expansion plans.